Tiiu Tulev-Soots (born on 24.09.1954) is an Estonian applied artist known for her distinctive, decorative leather art objects and forms. Her works have been featured on numerous exhibitions and top design magazines like, Abitare (ITA) Domus (ITA) and Form & Function. A selection of works can be seen here: decorative-objects. She has been working as a head designer in ARS-factory in Tallinn and later on as a teacher of Chinese ink painting in Articum — the educational centre of Arts in Tallinn.

Presently, she is mainly painting with oil paints. Her style is characterised by continuous quest for the balance between magical stillness of beauty and tense feelings. She gets inspiration from Estonian pure nature and eastern mediation practices of taichi and qigong of what she has been practising for more than a decade. Her painting are emotionally charged and are an expression of vitality and beauty, carrying pure aesthetic sense.

MA from Estonian Academy of Arts, major in leather design.
Member of Estonian Artists´Association.

Articum — the educational centre for fine arts, was active in 2005-2014 and aimed at people for improving their painting and drawing skills. Here are some memories from the art lessons:

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